What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment? It is the understanding of the inherent qualities of Pure Soul (Self) and the non-self (Non Soul, Prakruti). The one who knows the qualities of the Self (one's own soul) and of the non-self (everything else except self i.e ego, mind, intellect, body, speech) ,and has been through the process of Separation, is said to have acquired Enlightenment When you become aware of the inherent qualities and differences of the Self (your own soul) and the non-self, you have acquired Enlightenment.

The experience of the Self is the destruction of the belief, “I am the body.” When the belief, “I am this body,” goes, new karma cease to bind you. What more could you want?

Only the ego is released through moksha (Ultimate Liberation).  The one who is bound is the one that attains moksha (Ultimate Liberation). It is the one who suffers, that attains moksha (Ultimate Liberation). Soul itself is the state of moksha (Ultimate Liberation).

The one that is bound and the one that suffers from being bound is the one that seeks liberation. It is the ego that suffers the pain of bondage, so it is this very ego that wants to be liberated. Now unless ignorance is removed, the ego cannot be liberated. When you attain Real Knowledge, Enlightenment from the Spiritually Enlightened Person (Gnani Purush), ignorance will be lifted and the ego will be liberated.

I’ is God and ‘My’ is illusion (Maya). Everything that falls under ‘My’ is an illusion.  ‘My’ is all Illusion. ‘I’ is the only independent form. Everything that falls under ‘My’ is alien and not related to the Self (your own soul). The body (pudgal-cosmic flux of input (puran) and output (galan) also falls under ‘My’.  In the relative world you have to say, “My,” or “This is mine.” But from within, your internal understanding should be, “It is not really mine.” It is the inner understanding that makes the difference. The real ‘I’ has no possessions. ‘My’ is the ‘relative department’ and it is a temporary state, while ‘I’ is the ‘Real department’ and it is the permanent state. ‘I’ can never be temporary. Therefore, of the two, you need to pursue ‘I’.

Once you have acquired the knowledge of the Real ‘I’, everything has been achieved. This is the total essence of all scriptures, enlightenment religion & you have said to have attained Enlightenment.

The Absolute ‘I’ within you is God. Beyond this there is no other God or superior above you.  There is no almighty power to rule over you. You are completely independent. There is no one that can hurt you or hinder you. The only thing that can hurt or hinder you, are your own blunders & mistakes.

People do not have the understanding of the reality of this world, and because of this they become entangled in the wrong beliefs, which are intrinsically contradictory in nature.  For the one who constantly feels a burden in this worldly life and does not like its bondage, who is desirous of liberation & is Seeking Enlightenment, it is important for him to know the realities of this world; such as who runs this world?  How does it run?  What is bondage?  What is liberation?  What is karma? Etc.

There is no superior above you in this world. You, yourself are Lord (The Supreme), then who else can be higher than this?  The root cause of all miseries of this worldly life that you have to endure is your own ‘blunders’ and ‘mistakes’.  By not knowing your Real Self, and by believing you are William (refer your name here), just because others have said so, you have made the one fundamental mistake upon which a series of mistakes continue to take place. 

This life is meant for the realization of one’s Real Self (our own soul), & understand Enlightenment Science. The human life is meant solely for the investigation of one’s true identity (true enlightenment). Otherwise one will wander aimlessly. Do you not think it is imperative to know the answer to the question, “Who am I?” Will you not need to inquire about who you really are?

It is a puzzle. The world is the puzzle itself. How can one solve this puzzle? There are two viewpoints to solving this puzzle: One ‘relative’ viewpoint, one ‘real’ viewpoint.”

Real is permanent, relative is temporary. All these relatives are temporary adjustments and You are permanent.”  Once you discover what is permanent, this puzzle is solved. All these ascetics and people in search of God, have not been able to solve this puzzle. Instead, they have become further entangled in it.

When you acquire Enlightenment, you are no longer partial towards your mind, speech or body. And it is this very impartiality that allows you to see your own faults.  When you find your own fault; when you see the faults that you make in each and every second; you are aware of when they happen and where they happen, you have become fully Enlightened Self.

Natural forgiveness is an attribute of the final stages of spiritual enlightenment. There is spontaneous forgiveness. There is spontaneous forgiveness, and not only that, there is constant love for you; this love never increases or decreases, the love which is pure love, the love of the Supreme Lord.

What are the signs of being enlightened? It is when everyone in the home does wrong and you turn it around and make it right. All you have to know is how to fix the fuse on a machine if it blows up. You must know how to adjust with people’s nature (prakruti).

This world is trapped in the well of suffering. What is this suffering due to?  This suffering stems from ignorance of the Self. All suffering in this world is because of ignorance. This ignorance leads to attachment (raag) and abhorrence (dwesh) and suffering is experienced as a consequence. Only Real Knowledge (Gnan) can cure this suffering. There is no other remedy. Real Knowledge (Gnan) insulates you from suffering.

There is no need for any penance or renunciation in the Path to Enlightenment. The only thing required is to meet a Spiritually Enlightened Person (Gnani Purush).  Then the acquisition of his principles becomes your religion and your penance. Correct knowledge (Gnan), Correct Vision (darshan), Correct conduct (charitra), and Penance (Tap), are the four pillars of the foundation of moksha(the ultimate liberation state).

When mental problems (aadhi), physical problems (vyaadhi) or external problems (oopadhi) do not bother you, then you know that yourKnowledge (Gnan) is real & you have attained Enlightenment.

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