There is no meaning in a life without a goal. One earns dollars, enjoys his meals and worries the whole day long. How can that be a goal of life? How can this human birth not be wasted? After being born as a human being what should one do to attain the goal? If you want happiness of worldly comforts then share with others what you have.

When you share your happiness with others then you may expect happiness, otherwise you will not get happiness. And if you give pain and unhappiness to others you will get pain and misery in return. Learn the law of this world and of all religion, in one sentence. If you want happiness give happiness to others and if you want to suffer, give pain to others. Do what is suitable to you. Some will inquire about how to help others if you are poor. There are ways to help others even if you are poor. This is by having an obliging nature. You may run chores and errands for him, advise him etc. There are so many ways to help others. Religion does not mean to sit around the images of the Lord constantly. Religion is to reach your goal of life. It is beneficial to find that which focuses your attention for your spiritual progress & seeking enlightenment. But why not focus on obliging others? This is the best focus for spiritual progress & enlightenment. If you decide, that you want to oblige others, you will find a change happening within you. Decide that you do not want wildness. If you decide not to be wild with the wild people then you will be helped. Is this not possible? Will not a change start to happen once you decide?

It is taught to some people, to practice meditation for attaining the realization of God, True Enlightenment. What will you meditate upon? The seeker is doing meditation on the basis of imagined understanding of the goal and the way he knows with his own belief. It is not meditation, it is only concentration. The real meditation is where one knows the attributes of the Soul in the form of words from a Eternal Guru or the Spiritual Enlightened Person and makes it as the goal to achieve the Spiritual Enlightenment, Self-realization. Then he himself is the meditator, the words of the attributes of the Soul is motive, then the link that joins the meditator and motive is, meditation, which arises automatically. One does not have to do it. It is not meditation if one tries to meditate upon anything, but it is concentration. But without the Spiritual Enlightenment, how can one achieve realization of the Self? That is only possible if one meets with a living Spiritual Enlightened Person then with His grace one can attain Enlightenment.

When you meditate, what do you meditate on? What is the motive or the goal behind your meditation? Who is doing the meditation? Without a goal, without deciding what the goal is, what will you meditate on? Meditation is a means to attain the goal—the Self, Enlightenment. Meditation is the means of the one who wants to attain the Self, and is fruitful only when the Self is the goal and the Self is the one who meditates. What benefit do you gain when you meditate as ‘I am Chandulal’ and reach a goal according to your own imagination and knowledge in this state?

Most human beings live their life but they do not have a goal in life. Some have lived for money, some for their livelihood, some for worldly success, some for becoming a head of a large industry, some for raising a family, some for seeking and penance. One aim or another is automatically bound and a lifetime finishes. Alternatively a lifetime finishes in solving financial, personal or family problems. Revered Gnani Purush Dadashri cautions us that there must be an aim to human life. The main aim should be to attain the knowledge of the Self (Enlightenment Science) and Salvation (Moksha). The secondary aim should be to spend life helping others. If nothing else is understood, then life should be spent without hurting anyone. Everything else is a waste of time and energy. Once the aim is resolved within, whether it is attained or not, the awareness of the aim helps one attain the goal.

Many people have the aim of attaining God, but to do this one must get to know the true nature of God. Just by chanting the name, spending fifteen minutes a day in front of an idol of God, does not lead to God realization, Seeking Enlightenment of the Soul. For this one needs to find and meet a Gnani Purush. By attaining the grace of the Gnani, the Self is realized and then the true awareness of God is attained. This God is the pure Soul and when one becomes one with the Self, direct devotion commences. The devotional practices seen in the world are indirect. For salvation direct devotion is necessary. Life after life one has wished for liberation, but has not really resolved seriously for it.

The Lord resides in every living being as the life force. This life force, energy is not in the awareness of the world. The world considers that which is not living (the non-Self, Chandubhai, the formed complex of thoughts, speech and actions) as living. This body is taken as the real whereas it is relative, not real. That which is real is not in one’s awareness at all. One has not awakened to the presence of the real (the Self) at all. That pure Self is the real life force and the Lord within. When will one remember That? Only when one gets some benefit from Him, then the love for Him, the Lord begins. We remember the one whom we love and then we take his name. So when we meet someone who brings forth love within us, then we will remember him. So when will the Lord come to you in your memory? When He has given you something, graced you, and given you bliss.

Knowledge of the Self is the Path to Enlightenment & Path of liberation. After attaining Self Realization, all other ways of seeking Enlightenment will become beneficial towards your liberation.

The knowledge of the Self is the final goal of all one’s seeking. Without the knowledge of the Self, there is no enlightenment & no liberation. This knowledge of the Self (Atma Gnan) does not exist in books. It exists in the heart of a Gnani. Hence the knowledge of the Self can only be acquired by meeting a Gnani. Even today, through the scientific approach of Akram Vignan, one can attain Atma Gnan, but only by meeting a living Atma Gnani and receiving the Atma Gnan. Only a lit candle can light another candle.

Pure Knowledge is God, the Absolute Self. Soul is just a word. It is placed for the purpose of association to lead to the Real. Pure Knowledge is the Absolute Self. It is Knowledge that runs everything but one has to have the right vision of the Self. Liberation is only through pure knowledge. With the right knowledge you will receive happiness and with the wrong, deluded knowledge, you will receive miseries. There is no One (God) above you. Who can you call a God? The one who has become liberated is God and He has no one above him (as a boss). There is no one over-head or no one as an under-hand anywhere. But when you don’t have any understanding about your state of dependency (bondage), how will you understand liberation? The worldly life is a museum of dependency (on the non-Self) and that dependency is misery. People remain strangers to their own Self. There are as many paths as there are thoughts in this world. You are free to wander around where ever you wish and when you get tired of wandering, come to this path of liberation (Akram Vignan). Come here when you want to be independent. The worldly life is not wrong. There is nothing wrong in the worldly life, except your understanding. There is danger every moment; dependency every moment in this world and that is why you remain anxious all the time.

The religion for human beings is not simply for building temples only. Birth is exclusively for liberation. Do all your work with the goal of seeking enlightenment & attaining liberation in one more life time. If this is the goal, it will be attained in 50, 100 or 500 life times to come. Let go of all other goals. Thereafter, be free to marry, have children, become a doctor or whatever, build a bungalow, or whatever you wish. Stick to this one goal, that having taken birth, I want to attain enlightenment & liberation and proceed in that direction. This will lead to your liberation.

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