It was around six o’clock; one evening in June 1958, a well-dressed man with a black hat was sitting on a bench on platform number three at a railway station in India. The platform was bustling with people and trains, running in and out. He had just finished supper before sunset and was waiting for another train to take him to Vadodara. His name was Ambalal Muljibhai Patel. When his assistant stepped away to clean the tiffin (stacked food container), nature unfolded a phenomenal spiritual world within Ambalal. At the end of this spontaneous internal enlightenment, which took about forty-eight minutes, Ambalal came to be known as Gnani Purush Dadashri to the world. Dada Bhagwan the fully enlightened Self had manifested within him.

This Lord ‘Dada Bhagwan’ expressed naturally and spontaneously within the temple of Ambalal Muljibhai. This phenomenon was the culmination of his spiritual seeking and efforts of many previous lives. The expression of the spiritual knowledge was complete and spontaneous and this Enlightenment Science has now come to be known as Akram Vignan. The vision of the universe was attained within one hour. The answers to all spiritual questions were answered through this vision. What is this world? How is it governed?  How does it run? Who am I? Who are we all? What is karma? What is bondage? What is liberation? What is the secret of liberation? How can moksha be attained? Countless such answers and explanations unfolded in this process. Thus, nature laid at the feet of the world, a supreme and unparalleled spiritual, vision through the medium of Shri A.M. Patel, a respected member of the community of Bhadaran, a married man and a contract construction business owner. Despite being a worldly person, this was no ordinary man.  Ever since his childhood, within him had burned a desire to understand, know and experience the eternal. In such a being, the extraordinary new science of ‘Akram Vignan’ had manifested this day in June of 1958.  

The creation of and existence of this natural miracle that occurred within Ambalal Patel, was a phenomenal event. Even more miraculous is the wonder that occurred within him, the vision with which he saw, knew and experienced is the vision that was associated with the power and energy within that enabled him to transfer and give the same vision that he had acquired, to all seekers who came to him! And the ultimate miracle of all being that this process has now continued through the medium of those whom he graced and gave special blessing to, to continue the unfolding of Akram Vignan within future recipients, upon departure from his mortal body in January 1988. Many leave this world quietly, having attained their own liberation but only the Tirthankars and this one exclusive Gnani amongst innumerable Gnanis, will liberate thousands.  This amazing human being who opened up the extraordinary path of liberation of instant Self-realization (True Enlightenment), with ease, within the current, difficult age of Kaliyug, deserves nothing less than a title of Super Gnani, or the Gnani of all Gnanis. This path of instant moksha has come to be known to the world as Akram Vignan. ‘Akram’ means a full stop path of the ego, meaning the ego has ended whereas ‘Kramik or Kram’ means a path of ‘comma’ of the ego, meaning the ego has yet to slowly and gradually dissolve away. The ego has yet to be dissolved. Akram means no method. Kram means to rise higher in spiritually & Get Enlightenment, step by step. Akram means to enter and rise higher in an elevator or a lift, and attain the goal immediately. Kram is the main traditional eternal path. Akram is the new shortcut path and will be available for a limited period in the cycle of time.

How long will the traditional path of Kram be effective in letting the spiritual seeker attain the desired goal of Spiritual Enlightenment & liberation? It will be effective as long as there is unity among mind, speech, and bodily acts, meaning that one’s speech is a reflection of his thoughts and is followed through via his bodily actions. In this day and age, such unity is impossible, and there is no one who will challenge this fact. That is why the bridge of salvation of the kramik path is broken. This new path of diversion that crosses the ocean of the worldly life and reaches the other side is a bypass and a shortcut. That is the way of this Akram path. This quick, bypass route will not remain forever, and therefore you are urged to get across hastily, without hesitation.

The traditional kramik path, the path of kram, or the path of steps, requires one to purify all his inner negative feelings of anger, false pride, attachment, and greed, prior to purifying his ego, wherein not even a single atom of anger, pride, attachment, or greed remains. This pure ego is synonymous to the Self.

In this age, purification of the ego is impossible through the kramik path but through the understanding attained through ‘Akram Vignan’direct purification of the ego takes place and thus one attains the pure Self, Get Enlightenment naturally. The impurities of the mind, speech, and acts, which were by passed in this direct approach, are discharged with natural ease, as they unfold in front of the one who follows the Agnas of the Gnani Purush.

In this Kaliyug, the current time cycle is filled with difficulties arising in all aspects of worldly interactions, despite this it is possible to retain the constant awareness of, “I am pure Soul,” while fulfilling all worldly responsibilities in an ideal manner. Behold this gift of Akram Vignan! This has never before been heard of or read about, yet it is a practical reality of the present time.

Who has ever escaped their hand (share) of painful and pleasant events in life? Not even a Gnani is spared of these events. The vision of the Gnani, as he observes the clouds of pain and pleasure pass by, is exclusive, far-reaching, and supremely beneficial to all humankind. All events of daily life through which ignorant human beings pass routinely, gives one the opportunity to rise spiritually for the higher and common good. But alas it is never used for this purpose.  The Gnani Purush however, has brought with him, the vision to transcend all such events as evidenced by his words, long before he attained enlightenment. This vision, existent from childhood, had the potential to enlighten others. On every occasion of life by filtering the vitarag vision – the vision of the enlightened ones, he unfolds the path of enlightenment and liberation for others. Thus in the mundane worldly problems similarly experienced by thousands, the ‘Gnani’ discovers something completely new and beneficial.

This entire path is ‘Real’. There is no element of ‘relative’ (anything that is not permanent, e.g. thoughts, speech and action) in this path. ‘Real’ means, beyond this world of thought, speech, and acts. ‘Relative’ means, of this world and within the realm of thought, speech, and acts. The Akram path is for the one who has tried everything else but has not found the solution to Enlightenment Science & liberation. Otherwise there are other standards and paths available. The Akram path is for those who want to get “out of standards. & Get Enlightenment in very short time”

The science of Akram Gnan is the inner science and it is permanent. Everything else you see in the world is external science, and it is temporary. This science gives you the experience of the permanent; it is the Absolute Science. It is a science that liberates. No amount of dharma (duties/religion) practiced, will give you liberation. Through dharma you may attain material happiness and support that will prevent you from falling. Dharma is that which prevents you from falling from your spiritual progress. For liberation you need Vitraag Vignan (Science of Absolutism).  This science does not exist in any scriptures. The Tirthankars knew about this science, but this science could not be imparted to the people of their times. In these troubled times, a rare Bhed Vignani (Absolute Scientist who separates 'I' and My') came along and made this Enlightenment Science available for everyone.

Therefore, I am ready to give you whatever you ask for.  Whatever you ask for! Ask for constant bliss of the Soul, even when one is performing all his worldly duties.  Ask for a state, free of anxiety and worries forever. I will give you all this with a guarantee. Ask for whatever you want, but you should know what to ask for. This science will give you freedom despite living in the midst of worldly life.

Get your work done. For thousands of years such an Enlightenment Science has not been available.

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