All human beings of this time cycle (the time & age of enlightenment) are considered as having no dependency or protection. The animals are regarded as having dependency but the humans have no one to depend on. Even if you find a person on whom you can depend, he himself has no one to depend on, so how can he help you? In this current time cycle, the age of enlightenment, the Akram Vignani(Scientist of the Step-less Path to True Enlightenment  & Liberation) is a unique and extraordinary gift to the world. The power of his words and his precise answers to the daily problems and interactions that we experience and engage in, are especially phenomenal.   No one else has given answers with such clarity and effect. The true age of enlightenment has arrived..

Let me explain to you what I mean by non-dependency: A wealthy man, a priest and his dog set out on a journey. They come across a dense forest and in the forest they meet four robbers carrying guns and daggers. What effect does this event have on each of them? The wealthy man has fear of what will become of him if they take away his bundle of ten thousand rupees. He also has fear of what will happen to him if they kill him. The priest feels that he does not really have anything worth losing except his drinking pot but he is worried about who will take care of him if the robbers break his leg and if he becomes lame for life. The dog on the other hand will bark at the robbers and if one of them were to hit him, he will whine a few times and then with wide eyes watch his master being beaten. The dog does not worry about what is to become of him because he has dependency and the other two unfortunate ones do not have any dependency. What does the Lord say? As long as you have not done the darshan of the enlightened One, you are non-dependent. And darshan of an enlightened One will make you dependent. The enlightened One becomes the one you can depend on & show you the Path to Enlightenment.

Once you are blessed with the realization of the Self from a Gnani, you will never have to worry about what will become of you under any external or internal circumstances.

The one who has the Gnani as his shelter will never have to worry about what is to become of him, regardless of the kind of situations he may encounter, because my presence along with my Gnan will prevail and give him protection in all situations.

Look for the One who has attained Enlightenment & is liberated. Look for the One who has crossed the ocean of life and has the power to help countless others do the same. Find such a person and follow him fearlessly. Only I am such a liberated one in this present era. I am the astounding incarnation of Knowledge. I can bestow Spiritual Enlightenment & liberation in just one hour. You do not have to do anything nor do you have to give anything in return. I have no need or desire for anything. God only manifests in those who become absolutely desire-less.

When these four anger, pride, attachment, and greed leave, one becomes a God. God said that when one gets angry with his blood relatives, their minds become estranged.  This estranged state will prevail for years, or throughout their lives.  Such anger is wrong.  Ultimately it is a useless anger.  This type of anger binds one for infinite lives. Even greed, pride, and attachment will do the same. They are very difficult. It is only after they leave, that one attains bliss.

One will be rid of these four anger, pride, attachment, and greed, if he listens to the Enlightened One.  The Enlightened One is the Gnani Purush, who has the knowledge of the Soul and can give you this knowledge. The only other way out from these four anger, pride, attachment, and greed is to acquire the Science of Separation. Then all these will leave.  This is the wonder of this time cycle. This is called Akram Vignan.

In this age (age of enlightenment), purification of the ego is impossible through the step by step path (kramic path) but through the understanding attained through ‘Akram Vignan’ direct purification of the ego takes place and thus one attains the pure Self naturally. The impurities of the mind, speech, and acts, which were by passed in this direct approach, are discharged with natural ease.

In this Kaliyug, the current time cycle is filled with difficulties arising in all aspects of worldly interactions, despite this it is possible to retain the constant awareness of, “I am pure Soul,” while fulfilling all worldly responsibilities in an ideal manner. Behold this gift of Akram Vignan! This has never before been heard of or read about, yet it is a practical reality of the present time.

This path of instant moksha has come to be known to the world as Akram Vignan. ‘Akram’ means a full stop path of the ego, meaning the ego has ended whereas ‘Kramik or Kram’ means a path of ‘comma’ of the ego, meaning the ego has yet to slowly and gradually dissolve away. The ego has yet to be dissolved. Akram means no method. Kram means to rise higher in spiritually, step by step. Akram means to enter and rise higher in an elevator or a lift, and attain the goal immediately. Kram is the main traditional eternal path. Akram is the new shortcut path and will be available for a limited period in the cycle of time.

Akram Vignan as the simple and direct path to Self-Realization (Enlightenment Science)for modern times. Thousands of spiritual seekers, Seeking Enlightenment, have taken advantage of this opportunity and are established in the experience of the pure Soul, while carrying out their worldly duties and obligations. They experience freedom, here and now, while living their daily life.

If one comes to the Gnani in perfect humility and a spirit of ‘I know nothing’, one is sure to be lifted and liberated.  Even once, if one surrenders his all, at the lotus feet of the Gnani, without any reservations, he will doubtlessly attain liberation – what an awe-inspiring mystery of the modern age of enlightenment!

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