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This world is trapped in the well of suffering. What is this suffering due to?  This suffering stems from ignorance of the Self. All suffering in this world is because of ignorance. This ignorance leads to attachment and abhorrence and suffering is experienced as a consequence. Only True Knowledge & Enlightenment Science can cure this suffering. There is no other remedy. True Knowledge & Enlightenment Science insulates you from suffering.

Today, there is an excess of worldly science, it has become ‘above normal’; It needs to regain normality. People will only find happiness if this happens. The discoveries, that are being made, are above normal and yet we cannot find what we are looking for. What does this indicate? It shows that we are lost. Whenever anything occurs in excess, it leads to its exhaustion.

There is more to life than just living. There has got to be more to life than just living. In life, there should be a higher purpose, and that is to obtain the real answer to, ‘Who am I?’ This is the unanswered question of infinite, previous lives.

Liberation should be the only goal.  You do want liberation don’t you?  For how much longer do you want to keep on wandering aimlessly? You have done just this for infinite lives. You have not left any place to wander.

Why did you have to suffer such endless wanderings?  Because you have not known your true identity; you have not known the answer to, “Who Am I?” Should you not know your Real Self? Despite your extensive wanderings of countless lives, you do not even know who you really are. Is making money your only goal in life? Should you not be making a little attempt toward liberation?

No one can harm or harass anyone else in this world. The harassments you experience in your life is a result of your own harassment from your past life. When, at the root of everything is your own fault, does the entire world not become without faults? Who can bother you if you destroy your own mistakes?  These people that harass you are ‘visitors’ that you have invited yourself.  They come with as much force as you had initially exerted. 

Is there a God? Yes indeed there is God, and moreover, that God is with you.  Why are you searching for him on the outside? When someone opens the door for you, you can see him. However, the door has been shut so tightly, that it is impossible to open it on your own. Only a person who is Absolutely Enlightened (a Gnani Purush) can show you the path and open this door for you.

You will achieve liberation when your knowledge and your understanding become flawless (without any mistakes). It is only obstructed by mistakes.  There is no need for any penance or austerities.  You need to become free from mistakes.  Which is the main mistake?  It is the ignorance of your real identity.  Who is able to destroy this mistake?  The Gnani Purush.

What is Enlightenment? It is the understanding of the inherent qualities of Pure Soul (Self) and the Non Soul (prakruti, non-self). The one who knows the qualities of the Self and of the non-self, and has been through the process of separation, is said to have acquired Enlightenment Science.  When you become aware of the inherent qualities and differences of the Self and the non-self, you have acquired Spiritual Enlightenment.

It is possible to attain Path to Enlightenment even while living with your wife and your children. You can attain True Enlightenment while living the worldly life and fulfilling your parental and other duties. . I myself, who is living this worldly life, can make this happen for you. You will have the freedom to do whatever you wish. Go to the cinema. Get your children married. Wear beautiful clothes, etc. What other guarantees do you need?

This is a shortcut Path to Enlightenment. It does not require any effort on your part. You will get your Soul in your hands, so all that remains, is for you to enjoy the bliss of the experience.

This is the Science of Stepless (Akram). This is the Gnan of the Vitaraags (the Fully Enlightened ones; the Omniscient; the Absolute Knowers). This extraordinary Science is such a wonder that it keeps you alert about your True Self from within. Even as one is involved in negative acts, he is warned from within immediately. Therefore, there is no need for you to do anything. The Science of this Gnan itself takes over all doership. The warnings will come even in your sleep. Now what more do you need?

They call it bhed Gnan.  It is the Science (knowledge) of separation. How are you going to take away the ‘My’ without this Science? You do not have the precise knowledge of what comes under ‘I’ and what comes under ‘My’. Bhed Gnan means, “I am totally separate from everything that is mine.” It is only through meeting a Gnani Purush that one acquires this science of separation.

Is it not simple once this separation between the ‘I’ and the ‘My’ is made? Does the Enlightenment Science not become simple this way?  Otherwise, in this day and age, one can go on reading the scriptures to the point of exhaustion and still not attain Self-Realization

Look at the wonder of this science! All the clashes, not only with one’s wife, but with the whole world stop. Such is the effect of this Enlightenment Science, and you are free when all clashes end.

Where else are you going to realize the Real ‘I’?  Is there any other place besides this world where one can live?  Everyone in this world must live in it. It is here in this world that you can know your Real Self. This is the science of understanding, “Who am I?”  Come to me and I will make you realize your true Self.

The Enlightenment Science, which the whole world is in search of, is being fully revealed here for the first time.

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