Everyone is in search of happiness but without having decided what happiness is. ‘Happiness should be such that it is never followed by any misery.’ Go find one such happiness in this world. Eternal happiness, bliss is within you & when you have experienced it, you have attained True Enlightenment. Your real Self is an abode of bliss and yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things. What is this search for worldly happiness like? Let me give you an analogy. A very tall man is sleeping on the terrace on a cold winters night and he has a tiny blanket. If he covers his feet, his head gets cold and if he covers his head, his feet get cold. He spends the entire night tossing and turning. That is what pursuit of worldly happiness is like. In reality there is no such thing as misery in this world. It is merely a figment of the imagination. If you believe that jalebi, (a sweetmeat) tastes terrible, you will not enjoy it and if you believe it tastes very good, you will enjoy it. Therefore it is not real. True happiness should be the same for all. Everyone would accept it. Truth must be universal. What you may believe gives you happiness, others may find tremendously miserable. That is what this world is like.

You are considered  to have attained True Enlightenment, only when you cease to fall.   The kashay (internal anger, pride, attachment and greed) in themselves are your stumbling blocks.  The kashay (internal anger, pride, attachment and greed) manifest as echoes, which show you faults in others.

The one, who is angry, is not aware of the anger. The one, who is greedy, is not aware of his greed and the one who is arrogant is not aware of his pride. The ‘knower’ is completely separate from all of these weaknesses. People inquire why weaknesses still occur even when they are aware of their weakness. Now, who is it that says ‘I know’?  They do not know the answer to this.  They are not aware of who the ‘knower’ is. This is what one must discover. If one can unearth the ‘knower,’ then all of his weaknesses will dissipate. It can only be called True Knowledge (True Enlightenment), when all the weaknesses are destroyed.

When one has this total clear experience of the Self, one becomes the fully enlightened Lord.

To acquire Real Knowledge & True Enlightenment is the birth right of all human beings. Nothing or no one can keep in bondage, the one who seeks liberation; on the other hand, nothing or no one can liberate the one who wishes to remain bound.

Where the mind remains at peace in any situation, there in lies Enlightenment (True Knowledge) – that is true religion, the Enlightenment Religion.

If you tell someone to be content, he will retort and say the same thing to you and even ask why you are so discontent. Contentment is not something that can be acquired, even when a person wants to be. Contentment is attained through knowledge and worldly experience.  It occurs naturally and is directly proportional to the level of one’s knowledge.   It is not something that one can acquire by doing anything.  It is an effect, a result.  Your grade will depend upon how well you write your examination. The examination was given in your past life.  The result (of the examination) is the knowledge of this life.  In the same way, your contentment will be congruent to your knowledge in this life.  It is for this contentment that people work so hard.  However, what we see is the opposite. 

Instead of worldly happiness, you should have spiritual happiness (spiritual enlightenment), happiness that is beyond this world; such happiness is one that will make you content. Worldly happiness, on the contrary, increases restlessness, and is temporary.

This life is worth living only if you understand and come to know the true nature of this world.  If you understand it exactly the way it is, then there would be no worries or external problems.  Then you would feel that life is worth living!

If you want peace of mind then you should give what you have to others.  Tomorrow bring a bucket of ice cream, feed everyone, and tell me about the happiness you feel at the time.  These pigeons jump with joy even before you throw the grains to them and when you throw the grains to them, you are giving away something of yours.  Next time you do that observe the joy you feel within.  If a person falls and breaks his leg and you tear off a piece of your dhoti to make a bandage for him to stop his bleeding, you will feel tremendous joy within.

The purpose of being born as a human is for the attainment of liberation.  Our lives are meant solely for this purpose.  If you maintain only this as your goal, then whatever you achieve is fine.  At least you should have a goal!  The food you get is for this purpose.  Do you understand?  Is your life meant only for making money?  Every living being is in search of happiness.  Your life is for the knowledge of how you can attain liberation from all unhappiness.  In this process you need to seek out the path of liberation.  Everything here is only for the purpose of achieving Enlightenment Science & attaining liberation.

From the moment, man learns to give; his intellect will turn positive and good.  He has not learnt to do so in his countless previous lives.  He does not like to let go of that which has been used and is now simply refuse, such is the nature of a human being.  He has a habit of accumulating and hoarding.  Even when he was an animal, he took but never gave.  He turns towards the Path to Enlightenment from the time he learns to give. 

People ask me when they will be able to experience the bliss of the Self in all its glory & attain True Enlightenment. I tell them a person can only experience this bliss when he becomes free from all desires.  All tubers of greed must go.  The one who has a tuber of greed experiences no happiness whatsoever.  So give away everything, whatever you give is yours.

Whatever you do to know and attain your real Self is your ‘main production’ and because of this main production, the by-production will automatically be there and whatever you need for your worldly life will come to you. 

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