Enlightenment is achieving the ultimate state of spiritual awareness & liberation. It doesn’t involve any physical thing, it’s just achieved with the divine grace of the lord within. The one, who knows the qualities or the natural attributes of the Self (Pure Soul) as well as the non-self (Non Soul) and has been through the process of separation between the two, i.e. the Real Self and the Relative Self, is said to have acquired the Enlightenment, Spiritual Enlightenment.

In reality we are pure soul and not body, mind, speech or action. We are totally separate from this entire material world. We are the source of infinite bliss but we are not able to taste or experience it due to ignorance of our true self.

When you get true enlightenment, you experience the awareness of separation from your mind, speech, body and action. This light of the soul guides you throughout your life and this is nothing but pure soul. This results in peace and permanent happiness in your life and it also opens the door to the ultimate liberation for you.

You might have spent money and traveled all around the world for achieving eternal enlightenment. You may have done many types of meditations and yoga, if you still feel that what ever you have achieved is not eternal (permanent) and the experience just gets wiped off with time then there is something still missing which you need to search to attain and experience absolute enlightenment science.

What if this is available within 2 hours? If a person who has already experienced it gives you without you much getting much trouble for it. He doesn’t become your Guru. He just imparts his spiritual powers on you without any expectation from you so that the grace of the lord within is pored on you and eternal enlightenment is achieved.

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