There is not a single being in this world that does not seek happiness. Everyone seeks eternal bliss & Spiritual Enlightenment, the kind of bliss, happiness & peace that never leaves.  His understanding and belief is that money will bring happiness.  However, problems and inner turmoil accompany it.  Eternal bliss and inner turmoil are enemies.  They can never exist together. Spiritual Enlightenmentis the birth right of every human being & it should be ones goal to achieve it in this life only.  

Everything in this world can some day become unpleasant and unwelcome. The Soul however, is your own Self and here, there is no suffering.  The worldly existence is such that a time comes when even money becomes burdensome.  People worry about how to store and distribute it.

Effort, Action is not an attribute of the Self, one's own Soul. The Self has its own attributes, but effort or action is not one of them. One experiences what one imagines. There is no pleasure or pain. Yet these are experienced according to what one believes to be the case. Such pain and pleasure is imaginary from the perspective of the Self. The Self has infinite energies and is unaffected by all states of the relative self. Yet it is the presence of the Self that makes all things around us appear to be full of action.

The Lord says that every deed or action will be rewarded with its fruit. The action or deed, which renders no consequences or fruits, is the one that liberates. Absolute and utmost humility leads one to Spiritual Enlightenment & liberation. Everything else is worldly entanglement and there is no end to it – wherever you go. This entanglement will follow you to a cave in the Himalayas or will follow you if you decide to live a worldly life.

People advocate religious rites (kriya), but of what good are these rites in the absence of Gnan? Kriya is a maid of Gnan. The Lord has said for one to do Gnan kriya, ‘Gnan kriyabhyam moksha’. Liberation is attained through Gnan kriya.

What is Gnan kriya? It means to know and remain as the Self. ‘Darshan kriya’ is to see and Gnan kriya is to know. Seeing and knowing are verily the attributes of the Self. Except for the Self, no other elements have the attributes of knowing and seeing (Gnan-Darshan); they have all other kriyas.

The Self does not do anything; the Self is merely a knower and the observer of all that is going on.

The one who is the knower is not the doer and the one who is the doer is not the Knower. The doer cannot be the knower and the knower cannot be the doer. The engine does not know anything about its working. The electric bulb gives light without knowing it.

Did this ship bring you to the shore from the middle of the ocean or did you bring the ship ashore? It is the ship that brings you ashore but it does not know that. Thus the knower and the doer are two separate streams, but when you allow both to become one, by saying that ‘I am the doer’ and ‘I am the knower’, you ruin everything. Both are entirely separate.

The one who does, knows not; and the one who knows, does not, because evidences are needed in the process of doership, whereas no evidence is required in knowing. To do anything, we need the circumstances of evidence to come together, nothing can occur on its own accord.

If there was a thousand watts light bulb fitted in a clay pot, and the opening of the pot was closed tight, would there be any light around? No, you would not be able to see any light. This is the case with the ignorant self (muddhatma). Within you there is infinite light of real Knowledge (Gnan prakash), but the darkness prevails because of the layers of ignorance over the Self. With the grace and special powers (siddhis) of the Gnani Purush, if a tiny hole is made in the clay-pot covering the light bulb, the whole room will be filled with the light coming through. That much covering is broken and that much direct light comes out. This light increases as more of the layers are lifted and as more holes are made in the pot. And when the whole pot is destroyed and separated, detached away from the bulb, there will be a flood of full light everywhere!

A person may read and assimilate the scriptures, but after all it is only through his own understanding. People have interpreted the scriptures in their own way. The principle of ‘jiva-ajiva’ (animate-inanimate, Self and non-self) elements is true, but they have understood it according to their own interpretation. Who knows what they understand to be the non-self? How can they understand what the Self is when they do not even understand what the non-Self is? For many, even when the Lord was around, there was still no awareness of the Self. The awareness was there but it was merely through words and such awareness is prone to be forgotten or missed altogether. There is a tremendous difference in the Self, described in words, and the Self experienced. One may forget description written in words, but one would never forget that which has been seen or experienced.

Had there not been a circumstance (sanyoga), there would not have been the ‘samsaran marg’ (path of one’s spiritual evolution). Circumstance caused a change in one’s belief, which gave rise to one’s worldly life form. And that is why the infinite energies within have become obscured. The Self can only be liberated if that being disintegrates in just the way it arose. The Gnani Purush is the end of the samsaran marg. He is the last nimit of liberation.

A balance of both Spiritual Enlightenment and worldly interaction is the ideal and fastest way to liberation.

Avoid clash. If just this principle alone were to be absorbed in one’s life, then his daily life will be filled with peace and harmony. In addition, such a person will attain liberation without any obstacles. There is no dispute about this. Thousands have experienced enlightenment by following this cardinal sentence of the Akram Vignani Pujya Dadashri. Their lives have become filled with peace and joy and they have become pilgrims on the path of liberation, Spiritual Enlightenment. To attain such a state, all one has to do is to make a firm resolve to avoid clash at all costs. ‘No matter how persistent the opponent, I will not clash with him or her.’ This is the resolve. Simply this much resolve within a person, will result in a spontaneous, inner, intuitive approach, which will guarantee his True Enlightenment & liberation. Avoid clash in all situations of life. A clash-free life is a life of liberation.

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