Path to Enlightenment

You have come having wandered through every life form and yet you have not found true happiness anywhere. All the while you have done nothing but wailed and roared with your ego. You have the desire to be free but you cannot find the path. Such a path is extremely rare. A circumstance for a meeting with a Absolute Enlightened Person (Gnani Purush) is extremely rare indeed. All the circumstances will come together and disperse, but circumstance of a meeting with the Absolute Enlightened Person (Gnani Purush) is the only one, which will give you eternal bliss & show you to Path to Enlightenment.

There are two Paths to Enlightenment:

One is the common and the main path, called the Step by Step (Kramik) path where there is a gradual spiritual evolution. In this path, if you are fortunate enough and find the company of spiritual people, you may climb up to five hundred steps. On the other hand if you land amidst the company of non-spiritual people, you may go down five thousand steps. It is a very arduous and a grueling path. You have to do a lot of incantation of God’s name, penance and renunciation in order to progress and even then there is no telling when you will achieve Enlightenment.

The other path is the Stepless (Akram) path, where you are not required to climb any steps. It is a ‘lift’ (an elevator) path where you can continue with all your daily mundane activities, fulfill all your worldly responsibilities towards your wife and children, and still achieve Spiritual Enlightenment & finally liberation! Nothing will hinder your progress towards liberation. This is an exceptional path and one, which comes around once every million years.

In Kramic path, one works very hard to get the awareness of the Soul then only he can get the idea about the Soul. However this awareness does not become established permanently. The one on the Kramic path has to keep maintaining this - the Soul in his awareness. It is akin to you reminding your self about your business appointments if you run a business. The seeker of the Step by Step (Kramic) path has to keep reminding himself about the Soul, that Soul is like this, Soul is like this… and once he has conviction, he can remain in such awareness. His conviction will be instilled on the basis of the attributes of the Soul. Whereas in this Stepless (Akram) Science there is the direct experience of the Soul, because here The Self is attained through naturalness, and that is the True Enlightenment. It is attained without any effort.

All worldly happiness is a by-product and to realize the Self is the main production. People have abandoned the factory of main production and instead have started factories of by-production, so when will they ever realize the Self? The entire world wanders around in ignorance as a result of not knowing the Path to Enlightenment and as a consequence, they get lost wherever they go. If you want to attain Enlightenment Science, ultimately you will have to go to the Absolute Enlightened Person (Gnani). Even when you want to go to the Railway Station, you have to ask someone who knows the way there. But this Path to Enlightenment is narrow, complicated and like a labyrinth. If you attempt it on your own, you are bound to get lost so look for a Absolute Enlightened Person and follow his footsteps exactly.

In the traditional Step by Step (karmic) path delusion is destroyed with delusion. For example, we need soap to wash a dirty cloth, but the soap will leave behind its residue and stain and so we need bleaching soap to remove that stain. Bleaching soap will remove the soap stains, but leave behind stains of its own. In this manner whatever tool is used, that tool will leave behind its own stain and so one never becomes absolutely pure. Absolute purity can be achieved only when one meets a Absolute Enlightened Person (Gnani Purush). The Absolute Enlightened Person (Gnani Purush) who is absolutely pure Himself, is the only one who can separate each atom of the non-Self and destroy all your sins and give you your pure Self (Enlightenment of your Soul). Only then the puzzle (of life) will be solved and you will attain Enlightenment Science. Otherwise, you will continue to ‘wash the stains from your clothes’ for endless life cycles, each time leaving behind the impurities of the ‘soap’ you utilize.

The Step by Step (Kramic) path of step-by-step to liberation, represents a comma ‘,’ an unfinished journey, incomplete dissolution of ego, ‘I have renounced, I am a ascetic.’ When this leaves then the ego, ‘I am teacher in the path of Self-realization,’ remains. Afterwards as the progresses, the ego ‘I am principal in the spiritual path’ remains. Thus one will be in comma (incomplete) only. In this Akram path, once one attains the state of pure Soul—‘I am Pure Soul’ the comma is gone and there is a full stop.

The ‘full stop’ (period) of the ego, is Akram Vignan. The ‘comma’ of the ego is the Kramik path. Stepless Science (Akram Vignan) is the internal science, which takes you to your eternal bliss and therefore, is also known as the ‘Science of the Self.’ The other is the ‘Science of the External’, the non-Self. It gives temporary happiness. Ultimately, the external science perishes, whereas the internal science is eternal.

The foundation for the new, direct, and step-less Path to Enlightenment called Akram Vignan. Through the divine, original scientific experiment (The Gnan Vidhi), this knowledge is imparted to others within two hours. Thousands have received the grace through this process and thousands continue to do so even now.  ‘Akram’ means without steps; an elevator path or a short-cut, whereas ‘Kram’ means an orderly step-by-step spiritual path. Akram is now recognized as a direct shortcut to the bliss of the Self, Path to Enlightenment.

So this is the path of understanding. This is the path of knowledge of your Real Self. This is a very shortcut, it is to the point and it gives perfect effect. You can achieve Enlightenment within a short time; it’s a very short process. The only thing is to find a person that can give you this knowledge is very rare.  Such people are very, very rare. Out of thousands of years, you can find such a realized person by way of this path. And once you come in touch with such a person and acquire knowledge from them, then you can achieve the eternal knowledge very easily and within a very short time.

This path of instant moksha has come to be known to the world as Akram Vignan. ‘Akram’ means a full stop path of the ego, meaning the ego has ended whereas ‘Kramik or Kram’ means a path of ‘comma’ of the ego, meaning the ego has yet to slowly and gradually dissolve away. The ego has yet to be dissolved. Akram means no method. Kram means to rise higher in spiritually, step by step. Akram means to enter and rise higher in an elevator or a lift, and attain the goal immediately. Kram is the main traditional eternal path. Akram is the new shortcut path and will be available for a limited period in the cycle of time.

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